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Health and Spirituality
A New Work of Film Art puts a Face on Shamanism

Pickering, Ontario, Canada, August 5, 2008 - Even though Shamanism is increasingly being accepted as an authentic and powerful branch of complimentary healing by the mainstream medical profession, the vast majority of people know very little about it.  The stresses of modern life often keep people from exploring complimentary health methods until they are forced to do so by illness.   It is human nature to be wary of knowledge that is foreign to the general experience, even if this knowledge might confer some powerful benefits to one's health and well being.   But what if there was a way to learn more about this healing art in a safe and non-threatening way?

In his new inspirational healing arts film, Listen With Your Heart: Sandra Ingerman on Shamanism, Healing & Nature $24, director Victor Demko sets out to put a face on the practice of Shamanistic Healing.   Demko notes, “Sandra Ingerman is deeply respected in the community.  She is the Shamanic practitioner who brought the ancient practice of Soul Retrieval into the mainstream. She has trained over 10,000 people through her workshops.  So if someone was interested in learning how Shamanism might help them and wanted a face associated with the practice, they can bring Sandra home on DVD and experience what a Shaman’s healing presence feels like.”

Experiential and groundbreaking, Listen With Your Heart: Sandra Ingerman on Shamanism, Healing & Nature is carefully paced and timed.  Demko’s meditative style affords the viewer the opportunity to experience the intimacy of being up close and personal with an authentic Shamanic healer.  “My goal was to actually allow viewers to feel the blessing of sitting with and being with someone of Sandra’s calibre.  There’s something in sitting with a shaman you can’t get from books.”

Up close and personal, Sandra gives viewers an overview of the spiritual openings a shaman undergoes that allows them to do their work. She then shares her insights into the four main causes of illness--Loss of Power, Soul Loss, Misplaced Energy or a Possessing Spirit-- and the symptoms associated with each.  Through Ingerman’s expert guidance, viewers are taken to a place where they can begin to understand how their thoughts and words affect them and their environment, and the many ways of healing ourselves and the planet.  Two guided journeys, the first to experience one's birth into nature and the second to understand the power of our thoughts and words, draws viewers deeper into the experience of shamanistic healing. Viewers walk away feeling inspired and rejuvenated, as if they have been sitting personally with Ingerman.

Sandra Ingerman:
Author of Soul Retrieval, Welcome Home, Medicine for the Earth, Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner’s Guide and How to Heal Toxic Thoughts, Sandra is recognized internationally for training teachers in shamanic journeying, healing and reversing environmental pollution using spiritual methods. She has trained and founded an international alliance of 100+ Medicine for the Earth Teachers. Sandra is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist and Professional Mental Health Counselor.

Victor Demko, is a film artist who has extensive meditation training and leading experience.  Other feature length healing art films directed by Victor include Personal Time with Swami-ji Shot in the Indian Himalayas and Personal Time with Devi Tide:The Practice of Healing and Awakening.
  Victor graduated from the American Film Institute’s Center for Advanced Film Studies where he studied with Robert Wise, Ron Howard and Sir David Puttnam.  He studied and practiced meditation with Sufi Master Pir Vilayat Khan for 12 years and with the Dali Lama amongst others.  He also holds a 4`year`degree in the inner yoga of Sufism from The Suluk Academy where Pir Zia Inayat Khan, Head of the Sufi Order International was the chief instructor and a degree in Economics from The University of Western Ontario.

For more information, a review copy of Listen With Your Heart: Sandra Ingerman on Shamanism, Healing & Nature or an interview with Victor Demko, please call 905-831-2724 or send an email to victor @

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