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Discover the secrets of


Learn Directly from an Authentic Master Yoga Swami
High in the Himalayas

Get expert guidance on the inner yoga; beyond physical yoga.”

Receive blessings and wisdom from
the very last of the Great Himalayan Swami Yoga Masters

Purchase an Exclusive DVD Film offering you personal time with
a Rare Yoga SwamiSwami Sundaranand.

Personal Time with Swami-ji

157 min. DVD  Directed and Edited by Victor Demko.

Yogi Swami - Personal Time with Swami Ji

Just $24.00  (10% Discount on purchase of more then One DVD).


A viewing experience fond memories are made of; this inspirational film features rare personal time with Swami Sundaranand, an authentic yogi, spiritual and yoga master who has devoted his life to the path and tradition of yoga.

Yogi Swami Sundaranand's Home is in GangotriThis enlightened soul has lived his life in Gangotri, at the source of the sacred Ganges River in the Indian Himalayas.  The inaccessible nature of this location until recently has meant that very few yoga practitioners or people have ever had the privilege of actually sitting with Swami-ji. (Until the 1970s when the first dirt road appeared, Gangotri was only accessible via a very dangerous 3-week foot path.)  

Swami-ji has lived in this remote area since 1948.  He spent 25 years living in a cave beside his teacher’s very modest wood hut – with only enough room to lie down.   

You’ll experience and learn from this remarkable individual,
gain valuable Yoga and life wisdom and receive his personal
wellness blessing.

You'll Learn:

  • The Key points from 58 years of continual Yoga practice at the source of the sacred Ganges River in the Himalayas.
  • The essence and meaning of yoga
  • The most important way to balance the body in Yoga
  • What is the nature of inner and overall well-being
  • Why the inner yoga is the most important yoga for well-being
  • How to realize true happiness with inner yoga exercises
  • How to use yoga to open your mind by cleansing the body’s nervous & spiritual centers
  • How to balance the nervous system
  • The nature & benefits of Mantra in yoga and all life
  • The connection between song, sound and meditation
  • How to explore your inner sound & create your own inner music
  • What is supreme beauty & supreme power
  • How to achieve supreme enlightenment
  • Learn the most important elements of true happiness…and so much more

Swami Sundaranand took the brahmacharia sadu vow over 57 years ago and since then has lived in Gangotri near the source of the sacred Ganges River in the Himalayas.

He has spent a major part of his life engaged in meditation. He is one of the primary students of Swami Tapovanam Maharaj, (1889-1957) one of the great Yogis of the early 20th century and received a special transmission from Swami Tapovanam in January, 1957 upon Swami Tapovanam’s passing.
Swami Sundaranand is truly an enlightened soul full of love and light. Those who have the privilege and blessing of sitting in his atmosphere during meditation experience an elevation in consciousness that can only be described as divine.

You’ll see and discover why, the full DVD film; over 2 1/2 hrs of wisdom, insight, tips and blessing, is essential viewing for every yoga practitioner and every one on a spiritual path.  You’ll also understand why this extraordinary “Personal Time” with the last of the great Himalayan Yoga Master Swamis has enriched and inspired so many people’s lives.

Answer that inner yearning. Get expert guidance and learn directly from a rare authentic Master Yoga Swami.

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Clip 1 Balancing the Nervous System
Clip 2 ...Now is also Yoga
Clip 3 The inner excercise is the real Yoga
Clip 4 Your inner song
Clip 5 Breath and happiness
Clip 6 Yoga means...

You'll Receive:

  • The feature-length 157 min. DVD complete with chapter headings for instant reference & easy repeat viewing
  • An Atmosphere and depth of experience you won’t find in any traditional videos or films. Filmmaker and meditation expert Victor Demko personally made this unique work to bring you the most authentic one-on-one experience possible.
  • A special sung ancient Sanskrit wellness blessing from Swami ji (18 mins.) for each viewer of the film.
  • A beautiful fold-out case with gorgeous graphics that would make a great gift
  • A full satisfaction money-back guarantee

You’ll find the wealth of experience in this exclusive inner yoga DVD unmatched. Swami Sundaranand goes beyond asanas (yoga body poses) and pramayanas (yoga breathing exercises) to teach you how to achieve supreme happiness and well-being. The intimate one-on-one setting will make you feel as if you’re personally sitting with Swami-ji and experiencing his spiritual teachings directly. The personal blessing you will receive is well worth the cost of the DVD alone. The fully chaptered DVD also makes it easy to receive this wellness blessing whenever you wish. Take your appreciation of Yoga up to another level. This is your chance to experience personal time with and learn the key points from a life time of practice directly from the last of the great Himalayan Yoga Swamis.

Revitalize your being and improve your life.

Perfect for those who have always wanted to explore the inner life; advanced practitioners or those seeking personal renewal and guidance.

Why wait, take an easy and affordable step that is guaranteed to help revitalize your being and improve your life.

Click Here now to get your copy of "Personal Time with Swami-ji"

The following testimonials reveal how Personal Time with Swami-ji has changed many people’s lives:

“I was so pleased with the first DVD I received through the Center for Healing Arts. I could almost feel the light coming off of Swami-ji and filling my room as I watched the DVD. I could feel the serenity of the teacher and the surroundings. This great teacher is offering many gems from how to use the breath, discipline, chakras, and the spiritual path in general. I have watched the DVD many times to let Swami-ji’s presence and wisdom really sink in. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from him without taking an expensive pilgrimage to India. The Center is offering a wonderful chance to experience living masters and gifted spiritual healers without leaving your own home. Because the teachings are on DVD, they can be explored over time so I can learn in my own way.”

- Heather Oakes, Santa Fe, NM

“ Dear Victor, I am Swami Paramananda. I did my mechanical engineering and my PhD at IIT Delhi.  I took to the path of Yoga in 1983 and am now teaching Patanjali Yoga.  I saw Your DVD on Swami Sundarananda of Gangotri, Himalayas. I met Him Last August, 2008, by divine grace.  I have seen many Yogis in my life and have enough experiences to say something about your work.  My details are available on Your work is a marvel and of the rarest of treasures. Why, because, Swami ji is a truth incarnation. He lived with the greatest master of Yoga and Vedanda (science of self realization) Swami Tapovan Maharaj. He is the only Swami that Lived with Tapovan Maharaj. Hence Swami Sundaranand is the most fortunate and a rare star of India. Others like Swami Chinmayananda (Chinmaya Mission) studied under Swami Tapovan but were not staying with Him. Swami Sundarananda lived in the Himalayas for more than 60 years. He is the last Yogi of His caliber with so much experience. He is dedicated to the core to both His master and to the path of Yoga. His authenticity is exploding in each and every word.  His enlightened being is exposed in every action. His exemplary life is mind boggling and a treasure to know about for any human being who is on the path for higher realization.  He is a Yogi to the core and ripe at the age of 82.  He lives so deep and silently in the Himalayas with so much inner attainment. He is ever blissful and with 100% clarity.  Hence, in bringing such a great soul to the world, your DVD, is the rarest of the Rarest It is going to be a nourishing tonic to whoever sees this. Your film expresses what his state of being is. I really adore your effort and you are truly blessed by the divine to able to locate this Swami.  Scientific discoveries never serve the soul howsoever great they are, but your discovery is better than any scientific discovery because it is a noble cause and serves souls directly.  My blessings to you and prayers to everyone for their spiritual journey.”

-Swami Paramananda, Kolli Hills, Tamil Nadu, India

“Gives an excellent overview of yoga as a spiritual practice.  It’s thorough, but also a joy to watch.  This is a serious treatment of the subject, and it’s direct from one of the true masters of the subject.  I look forward to the other films in the series.”

- Elise Aymer, East York

“I love the pacing of the Swamiji DVD. It wasn’t rushed and you could get into the feel of what it would be like to be there.  Swami-ji made everything simple and easy to understand.  He clearly summarized the important parts of yoga and in a way that relates to our lives.  This teaching style isn’t available in yoga classes – he consolidated the philosophical aspect helping me to gain a broader understanding beyond the mere physical aspects.  His happiness, essence and peace shine through. It’s nice to realize how simple and accessible happiness can be.  Most people think that happiness is beyond our reach. He teaches us the things we already have but don’t know we already possess.  I feel blessed I discovered the DVD.  The teachings have enriched my life.”  

- Susan Wells, Certified Yoga Instructor, Toronto

“As a geographer-ecologist and ardent traveler, I find it a unique opportunity to see and hear Swami Sundaranand in his own setting and this sacred site near the source of the Gangas in India.  His teachings seem intimately linked to his surroundings. I look forward to future nature-healer connections from the Center for Healing Arts.

- Judith Stamp, PhD

“I really like that the Center is giving me access to practitioners I would not normally have the chance to meet.  Although Swami Sundaranand lives in the Himalayas, I can learn from him anytime by playing the DVD.”

- James Poirier – Graphic Artist – Ottawa

“I watched this with a student of Swami-ji and our local meditation group and loved it. What a good-hearted and generous teacher, very inspiring. Your filming and editing was great. Loved the scenes by the river.”

- Roger Sutro, Rhode Island

“Dear Mr. Demko: I have received “Personal Time with Swami-ji” and I am very satisfied and happy. There is strength in his praying and his words. Thank you indeed for making this possible.”

- Arnulf Kilan, Germany


“It has a remarkable calming affect. One of the rare movies actually worth watching many times.”

- Brett Kennedy, Canada


Click Here now to get your copy of "Personal Time with Swami-ji"

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