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Victor Demko and The Center for Healing Arts are dedicated to helping you further your practice and enhance your mind, body and spirit through in-depth, one-on-one DVD sessions with master healers and spiritual teachers. This unique approach allows you to absorb healing and spiritual teachings at your own pace in your own surroundings.

Our carefully selected teachers represent a wealth of diverse healing traditions and have each been selected for their experience, spiritual and heart qualities, and the deep knowledge they can share with you.

Mission Statement

  • To be a safe and trusted resource for personal healing, growth, and well being.
  • To cultivate a sense of community in the global family of healing arts.
  • To enable access to knowledgeable and experienced healing arts practitioners and teachers from a variety of traditions.
  • To reflect, support, and to be a catalyst for personal and societal wellness.
Watch a personal welcome message from Victor Demko,
Founder and Director of The Center for Healing

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Director Victor Demko graduated from the American Film Institute’s Center for Advanced Film Studies where he studied with Robert Wise, Ron Howard and Sir David Puttnam. He also holds a degree in Economics from the University of Western Ontario and a 4 year degree from The Suluk Academy in meditation and the inner yoga of Sufism.

A long time spiritual journeyer, he has been privileged to study with a wealth of radiant teachers:

  • Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan with whom he studied for twelve years before his death in 2004
  • His Holiness The Dalai Lama from whom he took the Bodhisattva vows and received the Kalashakra Initiation
  • Pir Zia Inayat Khan is head of the Sufi Order International and of the Suluk Academy, an esoteric school of which he was a member of its inaugural class
  • Himayat Inayati Th.D who initiated him into the Sufi Healing Order in 1998.
  • Dr. Neil Douglas Klotz is founding director of The International Center for the Dances of Universal Peace and author of Prayers of the Cosmos
  • Aziza Scott is Head of the Sufi Order International Esoteric School
  • Shahabuddin David Less is International Head of the Universal Worship and Spiritual Director of the Rising Tide International
  • Terry Wedge who has deeped his appreciation of the Christian mystical traditions
  • Murshid Wali Ali Mayer who has showed him the beauty of “eat, dance and pray together”
  • Sufi teachers Kamila A. Stannard and Khusrau R. Carell are his spiritual guides since 1992
  • Swami Sundaranand and his master Swami Topovanji Maharaj who have inspired him with love of devotion to nature.

Victor Demko has also been blessed to visit many holy sites around the world – to meditate and receive blessings, including:

  • The tomb and chilla (retreat cave) of Mu’inuddin Chisti in Ajmer, India
  • The tomb of Jelaluddin Rumi in Konya, Turkey
  • Sarnath, India, where Buddha began his teaching
  • St. Paul’s first church in Central Anatolia, Turkey
  • The Virgin Mary’s last residence in Ephesus, Turkey
  • Sri Ved Nikatam Ashram in Rishikesh, India
  • Mother Ganga, Gaumack, Gangotri and Varanasi

And many other places sacred to Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and other spiritual paths.

Communing with these teachers and visiting these holy places has allowed Victor to see the importance of holistic healing that encompasses a person’s spiritual, mental and physical being.

His interests in spiritual paths, health and healing, film making and community building have all converged in The Center for Healing Arts.

Victor believes deeply that The Center for Healing Arts one-on-one in-depth DVD session series can offer you transformative knowledge, to support your practice and healing journey.

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