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Yoga, Sufi Healing, Shamanism
“ Discover the Original Secrets of Health
and Happiness

…get the healing arts films that pay for themselves
Three Time Tested Methods to Choose From

Listen With Your Heart: Sandra Ingerman on Shamanism, Healing & Nature 150 Mins.
Shamanism – Sandra Ingerman on Shamanism, Healing & Nature
Receive expert guidance, inspiration, healing and a wellness blessing in this personal and up close time with the premier shamanistic healer and wisdom keeper. Sandra offers deep wisdom on living a joyful healthy life filled with blessings and abundance for yourself and all of life....More
Just $24.00 Order Now (10% Discount on purchase of more then One DVD).

Personal Time with Devi Tide: The Practice of Healing & Awakening (Sufi Healing) 108 mins.
Sufi Healing – Personal Time with Devi Tide, The Practice of Healing and Awakening - Sufi Healing Order
Experience the healing blessing of the Head of The Sufi Healing Order in North America. Up close and personal you'll come away feeling a new inspiration in the depths of your being from this "personal time" that overflows from the depth of wisdom and life....More
Just $24.00  Order Now (10% Discount on purchase of more then One DVD).

Personal Time with Swami ji - Inner Yoga 157 mins.
Yoga Swami Sundaranand – Personal Time with Swami-ji, Yoga Swami Sundaranand
This inspirational DVD features personal moments with Swami Sundaranand who is a rare Yoga Master who has lived his life in the Himalayas at the source of the Ganges River in the Indian Himalayas.....More
Just $24.00  Order Now (10% Discount on purchase of more then One DVD).

Instant Access to Authentic Healers Mystics and Teachers to Inspire Guide and Bless You

….get easy and affordable in-depth exposure to master healers and teachers.

Welcome to The Center for Healing Arts DVD series.

Imagine that a master healer like Sandra Ingerman, who has trained over 10,000 students, Devi Tide, The Head of the Sufi Healing Order in North America or Swami Sundaranand a rare Himalayan Yoga master who lives at the source of the Ganges river in the Indain Himalayas, accepts an invitation to visit your home.. S/he talks with you, heart to heart, about the secrets of healing that she has learned through years of study and practice. S/he confides in you, sharing the mindfulness and spirituality that he brings to her/his healing work. S/he sits with you, not with an interviewer, in a meditative setting.

She is available to you, patiently repeating her/his wisdom again and again, as many times as you like. You receive the healer’s blessing.

Films of The Center for Healing Arts are for anyone with an interest in either the spiritual life or personal wellness or any one involved in the healing process
(practitioners, students, caregivers). If you want to be uplifted and enlivened while expanding your knowledge of healing approaches and techniques or want an inspirational mini retreat or healing session at home these films are for you.

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Bringing exceptional healing arts practitioners to you on DVD is our calling; healers you trust, healers who combine the power of the mind with the power of the spirit and the power of the heart…

Intelligent time tested solutions for all your needs

Guest practitioners are carefully selected for their experience, knowledge, spiritual and heart qualities and for representing a particular tradition. Each is recorded as if speaking to an intimate friend. The focus is on presence, rather than on commercialism.

Film Director and meditation expert Victor Demko has carefully designed and crafted a film methodology that allows viewers to feel they are having Personal time with each carefully chosen guest practitioner.

These deep experiential learning and restorative encounters by Victor Demko give you the support and information you need to know about different healing arts options and modalities.

We seek out teachers who are renowned in their fields and travel to them, wherever they are in the world, to gather their messages to bring them to you.

The Center for Healing Arts issues the invitation for you to experience these special teachers in a presentation style not offered any where else. Instead of a slick, commercial or Hollywood interview, you receive DVD Films that allow you to EXPERIENCE the healers, intimately and personally. You watch and listen and participate—as many times as you choose—in the setting most comfortable to you.

Your guest healers are specially selected by people who not only know about the healing and awakening process, but who care about it. Your DVD is designed with YOUR NEEDS and WISHES firmly in mind and in heart. Your healer is, in a sense, brought to your home by a friend.

Expect to be surprised
Renewal & Inspiration
Uplifting sessions for your mind, body and spirit presented to help you reach higher levels of practice, wellness and spirituality
Each DVD can be viewed and experienced as a mini retreat


Each Teacher shares with you wisdom, guidance and gives practical solutions for the questions and issues they’ve discovered are most often on people’s minds and hearts.
Idea for those who want in-depth exposure to practices, philosophies and solutions that may be new or less familiar.

You’ll love the learning and lifestyle fit

With each DVD, you experience and absorb deep knowledge in your own surroundings, at your own pace. Simply put the DVD in the player and receive the wellness blessing and inspiration any time or place.


Experience the intimacy of the teacher in their own surroundings, you get the person-to-person encounter our sessions provide that are not found through standard taped talks. We bring the guests to you. When you need inspiration –it’s right there - just put the DVD in the player and renew your commitment to your self.
A great reason for a get together night or simply share your DVD with a friend to support, enrich or build your own wellness community

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 Listen With Your Heart: Sandra Ingerman on Shamanism, Healing & Nature” 

Personal Time with Swami-ji

Personal Time with Devi Tide: The Practice of Healing and Awakening

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"If you want to be uplifted and inspired in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms then these rare film offerings by Victor Demko and his exceptional film guests are for you.  Support for your journey has never been this easy or enjoyable."

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