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In Depth Exposure to Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Practitioners Pays Off for Both Clients and Practitioners

Pickering, Canada, November 3, 2007 -- Holistic heath alternative medicine practitioners have a new tool to help their clients from The Center for Healing Arts: a new DVD series that gives in depth exposure to the great healing arts modalities and practitioners of the world. Guest practitioners are presented in an intimate and meditative way exclusively for member subscribers of the center.

A holistic health practitioner's first responsibility is for the wellness of their client/patient. Practitioners recognize that clients often need various types of support beyond and between their individual sessions or treatments.

With the new healing arts "sessions" DVD series, subscribers to receive a new DVD session with a carefully chosen guest practitioner in the mail every other month. Practitioners can either give, loan, or recommend healing arts DVDs to their clients as a way of helping their clients round out their overall wellness picture.

Practitioners want to spend as much`time`as possible with clients to answer all their questions, particularly when it comes to the inner or meditative side of healing. Yet this is an area that takes`time`to assimilate and explain. Some clients are new to the inward aspects of holistic health or are trying to overcome a particular hurdle, and are aided by either a wider outlook or more inner wellness knowledge.

The practitioner can recommend a DVD from their library for a particular client to watch at home either alone or with their family. It's a great way of building support and enhancing a wellness community. Knowledge also speeds up communications by giving more common wellness language reference points, which helps both patient and practitioner.

"When the client comes back after watching the DVD, they have more reference points from which to discuss their own situation," says Victor Demko, Founding Director of the Center. "Each DVD is fully chaptered for easy reference. This makes sharing or going back to a certain section extremely easy. Sometimes a DVD is the best way; we don't always want to read books at home and not many can actually have guest practitioners come to their home on a regular basis or at all."

Sharing the DVDs builds community and puts the one sharing in a good light. When they take the DVD home and share it with their family and friends, it creates good will towards the local practitioner and supports the client's personal growth.

Practitioners can either give their clients DVDs as loans, or recommend that their clients become members of for the reasonable price of $24 every other month, as part of there overall holistic health and community support strategy.

The DVDs offer rare insights into specific healing ( traditions and introduce the compelling personalities who embody the practices. They are informative, affirming and entertaining. Members use the DVDs on their own and also view them with friends and loved ones.

The Center for Healing Arts is a world wide community of healing arts practitioners and those interested in healing and wellness. Members receive six DVD sessions a year, one every two months, that features a personalized, in-depth encounter with an adept practitioner of the healing arts. Guest practitioners are carefully selected for their experience, knowledge, spiritual and heart qualities, and for representing a particular tradition in the vast range of traditions the DVD sessions series will explore. Each is recorded as if speaking to an intimate friend. The focus is on presence rather than on commercialism. Each DVD can stand alone as in independent session or film. Taken together, the films form a voyage of discovery, exploring the many types of healing used across the earth.

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