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The following media ready quotes are from Victor Demko, Founding Director, The Center for Healing Arts.


"My vision is to pass on the gift of knowledge and attunement that allows these healers to do their work to pass it on to those who could not make a pilgrimage to a foreign country or who lack the`time`to spend  weeks in training with the teachers, or who simply do not have the financial resources to pursue learning in this way."  


"It is the awakening of the wisdom of one's own heart that offers the guidance for the individual.  It is out of respect for this that we offer our work to people in the comfort of their own home where they may experience the guests both with family and friends or on an individual basis.  We hope the format gives the intimacy that people want with guests not found elsewhere in this manner."


"Members of the center are encouraged to watch and share the DVDs with friends as part of creating a wellness mentality in their community.  The DVDs can also be used to support friends and loved ones on their own wellness journey."


"People are feeling a deep need for a healing beyond that which modern medical methods can give.  As valuable as they are, there's no substitute for getting to and working with the very root of the problem."


"For some the first need is for exposure to a wide variety of healing arts methods and practices.  With that wider exposure one might feel more comfortable with one's own unique inner guidance in finding and using the practices and modalities that are best suited for that person.  Others may be further along their path and will benefit from the resonance and exposure to the deeper side of that particular healing tradition and guest."




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