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Yoga’s “Swami-ji” Gives Blessing to First Virtual Holistic Health Alternative Medicine Center

Pickering, Canada, 6 Oct, 2007 -- The deep need for in-depth experiential holistic heath alternative medicine information by practitioners, the medical community and a population striving for optimal wellness prompted filmmaker and holistic health meditation practitioner Victor Demko to the Himalayas’ India/Tibet border area. Demko was able to obtain a rare one-on-one series of interviews with a reclusive yoga Swami who generously gave his blessing to what is now The Center for Healing Arts.

The vision for the Center is to bring great holistic health alternative medicine practitioners, on DVD, to people who either are pressed for time, live out side a major center, or just need a trusted person to carefully select the guests for them. Each DVD film is shot to present these guests in an intimate experiential manner, so that the viewer feels they are having personal`time`with the practitioner. The focus is on the esoteric, meditative side of healing.

People can become members at the web site for $18 every other`month`and will receive a DVD made exclusively by the center with a holistic health alternative medicine practitioner delivered to their home, which they can watch either alone or enjoy with friends. The first DVD offering is with Swami Sundaranand and is called “Personal`time`with Swami-ji.” The second offering from the center is with the North American Head of The Sufi Healing Order, Devi Tide.  Each DVD is fully chaptered for easy reference and sharing.


“When I heard Swami-ji Sundaranand’s name I immediately knew he was the person I wanted to ask to be the first guest of the center’s DVD series, noted Mr. Demko. “Just hearing his name seemed to evoke healing in myself. A close friend mentioned his name and said I should go see him. I wrote his name down on a napkin and where he was and that was it. I just knew this was the blessing I wanted to start the Center with. I had no idea at the`time`of his importance in the yoga lineage tradition and also of his other photography and mountaineering accomplishments.”     


Swami-ji is was a student of  the famous yoga master Swami Topovanji Marharaj, ( 1889-1957) who wrote the classic yoga book Wanderings in the Himalayas about yogic life in the Himalayas in the late 19th and early 20th century. Swami-ji lived with Swami Topovan in the then inaccessible area of Gangotri at the source of the Ganges river, considered one of India’s most sacred spots. It was in this area that the great original Yoga texts were written.


“We arrived in the Himalayas (Gangotri) without being able to contact him in advance. We weren’t able to ask Swami-ji’s permission, whether he would be willing to be the subject of a film on the healing arts. It took about 4½ days to get there from Toronto and lots of people said we had nerve to go all that way without knowing if he would agree to be the subject of a film,”recalled Mr. Demko.


After being delayed by two large Himalayan landslides with the film and sound equipment in tow, Mr. Demko finally reached the remote village of Gangotri. “I was more than a bit nervous approaching him. After explaining to him the needs of people in the west and the vision for the center, he gave his blessing to the idea and graciously agreed to be the Center’s first film guest.”


The end result of the experiential encounter on film is that it gives a very rare in-depth exposure to a real yogi, one who has mastered the physical aspects of the body and more importantly the “inner yoga” for which the film is about.




The Center for Healing Arts is a world wide community of healing arts practitioners and those interested in healing and wellness. Members receive six DVDs a year, one every two months, that features a personalized, in-depth encounter with an adept practitioner of the healing arts. Guest practitioners are carefully selected for their experience, knowledge, spiritual and heart qualities, and for representing a particular tradition in the vast range of traditions the DVD series will explore. Each is recorded as if speaking to an intimate friend. The focus is on presence rather than on commercialism. Each DVD can stand alone as in independent session or film. Taken together, the films will form a voyage of discovery, exploring the many types of healing used across the earth.

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