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  Sufi Healing – Personal Time with Devi Tide, The Practice of Healing and Awakening - Sufi Healing Order  

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Now’s Your Chance to Learn directly from the Head of The Sufi Healing Order in North America, Devi Tide, at home on DVD

"Uplifting, Personal and Transformative

Personal Time with Devi Tide: The Practice of Healing and Awakening
108 mins DVD  Directed and Edited by Victor Demko.

Sufi Healing – Personal Time with Devi Tide, The Practice of Healing and Awakening - Sufi Healing Order

Just $24.00  (10% Discount on purchase of more then One DVD).


Take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn and experience Sufi Healing directly from this exceptional Sufi teacher, healer and mystic

You’ll Learn and Experience

  • How to transform yourself no matter what your current condition or circumstance
  • The open Sufi Healing secrets of transformation and healing
  • Why the healing work is about letting go and integration
  • Why and how to treat your body as a sacred temple
  • The practice of presence for healing and awakening
  • Finding your own clues to healing
  • How you can find deep repose through mystical relaxation
  • How to play and not take life so seriously
  • How to support healing with laughter
  • How a true healer can convey life
  • How you can co-create beauty
  • How you can participate in the awakening of humanity

Best of all you’ll be able to experience a rare intimacy with this beloved sufi teacher, healer and mystic at  6:30am with the sun rising as Devi lets you in on her early morning attunements and practices from her spiritual teacher’s (Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan 1916-2004) personal mountain side meditation pod where few have had the privilege of admittance.

Devi Tide, the Head of the Sufi Healing Order in North America, has over thirty years experience as a spiritual teacher, retreat guide and healer. As a world wide speaker she has contributed to programs in India, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America, and has spoken in places such as the Harvard Mind Body Institute, the University of Washington Medical School and attended the UN Millennium Peace Summit. She was the first woman to address a Sufi Symposium in Hyderabad, India. An Emeritus Secretary General of the Sufi Order International, she represents Sufi Ideals of inter-religious harmony and personal transformation in her seminars, public speaking and individual and group retreats.

Giving you all this and so much more the film was directed and edited by filmmaker, and meditation expert Victor Demko, so you can be assured of something truly unique; an item to treasure as part of your library for years to come.

You should also know that this special offering comes in a beautifully packaged glossy 4 sided wallet style case with a full scene selection menu both in the case and on the DVD for super easy reference and sharing.

Bonus!  3 exceptional bonus clips come in the DVD menu that will further enrich your experience of sufi healing.  (One of which is a highly beneficial physical, mental and emotional purification practice that restores and builds your magnetism)

You’ll be especially pleased, here’s what you’ll get:

  • An intimate, one-one-one, full length,108 min DVD with Sufi Healing Order Head, Devi Tide filmed in her own surroundings 
  • Complete DVD chapter headings for easy and instant reference & sharing
  • A beautiful fold-out case with gorgeous graphics that would make a great gift
  • A personal blessing for your well-being from Sufi Healer and teacher Devi Tide.
  •  Most importantly, an atmosphere and depth of experience you won’t find in any traditional videos or films. Filmmaker and meditation expert Victor Demko personally made this unique work to bring you the most authentic one-on-one experience possible.
  • 3 special bonus clips added to the menu of the DVD
  • A full satisfaction money-back guarantee

Click Here now to get your copy of "Personal Time with Devi Tide"

Click the link above to order or if you’re not ready yet to take a simple and easy step that’s guaranteed to improve your life - Try a sample – free below

Watch Free Sample Clips

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Clip 1 If you're a serious person and you're having a hard`time`with laughter 2:02
Clip 2 Offering a healing presence 2:45
Clip 3 A true healer can convey life 3:02
Clip 4 The healing work is about letting go 1:00
Clip 5 Then you are a participant in life 1:47
Clip 6 You might also want to ask yourself 2:15

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Devi Tide DVD!! So many people are going to benefit from it. She exudes such approachability and her practices are clear and effective. I have watched it twice – all the way through. Excellent job.”

- Virginia Miller, Albany New York

“Devi Tide’s DvD is full of great ideas for spiritual practices you can easily fit into your everyday life: some without taking up any extra time. I can really feel Devi’s healing presence magically coming through the DVD. Whenever I feel down in the dumps or depressed and I play the DVD, it cheers me up. It made me want to meet Devi, so I drove 8 hours to a retreat to see her in person.”

- Susan Wells, Yoga teacher, Toronto

“I’ve watched Devi’s DVD - it came just at the right time and was a deeply brilliant support to me.”

- Maureen O’Reilley, Florida

“I have just gone through the Devi Tide DVD for the third time. Each time is better than the last.   Devi seems sometimes to come right out of the screen and speak to me directly.  The DVD is a full course in healing, though as she puts it, you must "integrate" the knowledge as well as know it intellectually i.e. you must realize it.    For those who are interested in healing themselves and becoming a source of life for others this DVD you must have.  A truly beautiful Human being.”

- Val Ferenc, Canada
A film you will want to watch again and again.

Click Here now to get your copy of "Personal Time with Devi Tide"

Don't miss out. only a limited number of copies are still available.

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