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Inner Life and Outward Attitude Focus of New Healing Arts Web Site,, That Features Holistic Health, Natural Healing, Meditation, and Spirituality Information in DVD Series

Pickering, Canada, October 11, 2007 -- Today people are realizing more than ever that one's inner life and outward attitude are connected to one's health -- that our thoughts and attitudes play an important part in our over-all wellbeing. Increasingly, people are looking for alternatives to what mainstream medical models offer.

A recent study by The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine reports that 62% of Americans reported using some form of complementary or alternative medicine. This study shows that there is significant turn towards holistic health alternative medicine, indicating a growing appreciation for the linking of body, mind, and spiritual ideals which are at the core of most alternative medicine practices.

A new subscription DVD series takes on this challenge by offering in depth, experiential one-on-one encounters with respected holistic health alternative medicine practitioners. Subscribers receive six DVDs a year, one every other`month`that features a personalized, in-depth encounter with an adept practitioner of one of the healing arts.

The center focuses on the inward journey of healing and illuminates the benefits that the esoteric and meditative traditions allow. Members are provided opportunities to encounter authentic representatives of practices - men and woman deeply committed to encouraging wellness to both individuals and society at large. Each exclusively made DVD is produced to both capture and convey a deep sense of wellness and healing.

Members of the are encouraged to watch and share the DVDs with friends as part of creating a wellness mentality in their community. The DVDs can also be used to support friends and loved ones on their own wellness journey.

"People are feeling a deep need for a healing beyond modern medical methods, one that gets to the root of the problem," notes founding Director of the center Victor Demko, a holistic health filmmaker who holds degrees in Economics, Film and Meditation.

"Clearly, people benefit from exposure to a wide variety of methods. More and more people are responding to their own inner guidance in finding what suits them best. We are providing deeply valuable resources to those who are seeking increased well-being in their own live and the lives of their families."

The center's guests are all carefully selected and each is anchored in the healing tradition they represent. The first DVD guest is Swami Sundaranand, who resides in the Himalayas. Swami-ji is a yogi, ascetic, healer, trekker, mountaineer, photographer, naturalist and ecologist who makes clear the ancient yogic elements of good health both inward and outward. Devi Tide, the Head of the Sufi Healing Order in North America is the Center's second guest.

The Center For Healing Arts is a world wide community of healing arts practitioners and those interested in healing and wellness. Members receive six DVDs a year, one every two months, that features a personalized, in-depth encounter with an adept practitioner of the healing arts. Guest practitioners are carefully selected for their experience, knowledge, spiritual and heart qualities, and for representing a particular tradition in the vast range of traditions the DVD series will explore. Each is recorded as if speaking to an intimate friend. The focus is on presence rather than on commercialism. Each DVD can stand alone as in independent session or film. Taken together, the films form a voyage of discovery, exploring the many types of healing used across the earth.

Sample video clips and more information are available at

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