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Why do Holistic Health Practitioners Want to Bring Other Holistic Health Practitioners Home?

Pickering, Canada October 22, 2007 -- Personal growth, self enquiry and optimal wellness are some of the main concerns holistic health alternative medicine practitioners address daily. Many holistic health practitioners go to as many trainings, retreats and meditations as their busy schedules and pocket books allow. They are acutely aware that there is a deep need for connection, wholeness and balance in our world today -- that many of us are looking for ways to bring wellness into lives of daily stresses and responsibilities.

A new member's based DVD series made by aims to help support holistic health practitioners own need for rejuvenation. Subscribers receive six DVD sessions a year, one every two months, that features a personalized, in-depth encounter with an adept practitioner of one of the healing arts.

Each guest is carefully selected for their experience, knowledge, spiritual and heart qualities, and for representing a particular tradition in the vast range of traditions the DVD series will explore. Each recorded as if speaking to an intimate friend. The focus is on presence rather than commercialism

"Holistic health practitioners most often give deeply of themselves in their lives and in their work," notes Victor Demko the center's Founding Director. "To keep on giving, they need to be replenished. Providing a means to replenish is the mission of The Center for Healing Arts. It is a spiritual and metaphysical center, not a physical place. It reaches out to you rather than you traveling to reach it. It gives people a way to have a deep encounter with healing arts practitioners where and when they need it. It helps practitioners and their clients keep their batteries charged."

Healing arts practitioners are often certified in more than one area. They often know about other holistic health modalities from a personal stand point and find that it gives them a broader perspective in helping their particular client's needs. "It's their very deep interest. That's why they've become practitioners," says Mr. Demko. "Just like all of us, constraints of time, money, and family responsibilities often prevent them from participating in all they are interested in. Good practitioners realize that as they advance towards the horizon the horizon recedes. They need and want to keep moving forward."

Fully chaptered DVD sessions make reference easy for repeat viewing. You can relax in the comfort of your own home and engage when and where you want. "I've watched one part of the first release over 250 times. It's a lovely moment, a blessing for wellness, sung in Sanskrit, from Swami-ji Sundaranand. He's the Center's first guest, one of the last of the real Himalayan Yogis, and is now 79 years old now. It touches me in a deep way, so each`day`I take a few minutes to watch it on my computer to help keep myself in balance. You won't find this type of depth and range of guests elsewhere in a DVD series. Everything is shot and done in a very intimate and personable way." That's where Mr. Demko's film and extensive meditation training have been melded together.

Practitioners are enthusiastic about their work and want to share it with friends and clients. The DVDs are a good way to share and impart that enthusiasm for wellness.

Mr. Demko, the founding director of the center is a holistic filmmaker who has extensive meditation training. He graduated from the American Film Institute's Center for Advanced Film Studies where he studied with Ron Howard and Sir David Puttnam. He studied and practiced meditation with Sufi Master Pir Vilayat Khan for 12 years and with the Dali Lama. He also holds a degree in Economics from the University of Western Ontario and a 4`year`degree in the inner yoga of Sufism from The Suluk Academy, where Pir Zia Inayat Khan was the chief instructor.

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