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“Thank you for your interest in The Center for Healing” - New Holistic Health & Alternative Medicine Website Launches.

Sept 19, 2007: Professional Film Director, Producer, Interviewer and Healing Arts Enthusiast Victor Demko has announced the launch of a new Holistic Health website; The Center for Healing Arts (

The Center for Healing Arts is for anyone involved in the healing process—for practitioners, students, caregivers, and those having an interest in personal wellness. Subscribers receive six DVD’s a year, one every two months, that features a personalized, in-depth encounter with an adept practitioner of one of the healing arts.

Each DVD released by the The Center for Healing Arts provides;

· Expert guest practitioners who are chosen based on their experience, knowledge, spiritual and heart qualities, and for representing a particular tradition in the vast range of holistic health alternative medicine traditions the series will explore.


· Informative one-on-one interviews with prestigious Alternative Health Practitioners as well as information on emerging Holistic Practices and Alternative Philosophies.


· Every two months subscriber’s receive in depth exposure to new or unfamiliar holistic and alternative health options, possibilities, and practices. Best of all, every DVD is recorded as if speaking to an intimate friend – filmed to capture and enhance the feeling of one-on-one personal`time`with the guest practitioner.


· Fully chaptered DVD's are created for easy reference making repeat viewing especially easy.


· Full Satisfaction Guaranteed: If at any time, for any reason at all, you decide you’re not satisfied, you can simply cancel your membership. But even if you do cancel, each healing arts DVD is yours to keep.


Additional benefits of The Center for Healing Arts include;


· Direct involvement in the social kinship and network of people who are deeply interested in all Alternative Healing and Wellness


· An exciting Private Community Forum that serves not only to discuss various topics directly related to Alternative Health & Holistic Healing, but also provides an interactive community of people from around the world that all share knowledge and interest in the value of Alternative Medicine.


· Participation in a new developing cultural paradigm of wellness and wholeness.

By creating The Center for Healing Arts, Mr. Demko has combined his deep interest in healing, wellness, and alternative medicine, along with his strong creative, business, and meditation skills. Demko holds degrees from The University of Western Ontario (Economics), The American Film Institute’s Center for Advanced Film Studies and The Suluk Academy’s four`year`degree program in meditation and the inner yoga of Sufism.

Become a member of the Center for Healing Arts and “become the change that you want to see in the world.”


Visit for additional details.

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