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Center for Healing Arts News Room

“Thank you for your interest in The Center for Healing”

Popular Yoga Mantra Meditation Film Will See New Packaging

Toronto, Canada, June 1,  2011 Yoga Mantra Meditation film Personal Time with Swami-ji, 157 minutes, shot in the Indian Himalayas at the source of the Sacred Ganges River, featuring Swami Sundaranand will see a new DVD cover.  
Read More Email ThisPosted At: June 01, 2011

Yoga Film Now in Over 40 Countries

Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, May 14,  2011 - Yoga Film Personal Time with Swami-ji, shot in the Indian Himalayas at the Sources of the Sacred Ganges River, near the Indian Tibet border, featuring Swami Sundaranand, directed by Victor Demko is now in over 40 countries.

Read More Email ThisPosted At: May 13, 2011

Health and Spirituality
A New Work of Film Art puts a Face on Shamanism

Pickering, Ontario, Canada, August 5, 2008 - Even though Shamanism is increasingly being accepted as an authentic and powerful branch of complimentary healing by the mainstream medical profession, the vast majority of people know very little about it.  The stresses of modern life often keep people from exploring complimentary health methods until they are forced to do so by illness.   It is human nature to be wary of knowledge that is foreign to the general experience, even if this knowledge might confer some powerful benefits to one's health and well being.   But what if there was a way to learn more about this healing art in a safe and non-threatening way?
Read More Email ThisPosted At: July 31, 2008

Spiritual Quest Takes Filmmaker to Sacred and Dangerous Glacier in the High Himalayas

Pickering, ON January 13, 2008 --  A personal dream and a chance to film one of the world's most inspirational healing sites took a Canadian filmmaker to the high Himalayas recently -- and put him directly in harm's way.

Read More Email ThisPosted At: January 17, 2008

Timeless Presentations Goal of Holisitc Health DVD Series

Canada  December 17, 2007 -  Deep healing wisdom is always contemporary says Victor Demko, Founding Director of The Center for Healing Arts. A member based healing arts center that delivers an exclusive DVD encounter with a carefully selected healing arts practitioner to people's homes every other month. Members are encouraged to watch and share each DVD with friends to make their wellness journey both enjoyable and meaningful.
Read More Email ThisPosted At: December 21, 2007

Holistic Health Filmmaker Overcomes Himalayan Difficulties to Bring Rare Yogi Interview to Those Seeking Yoga 'High'

Pickering, Canada. November 14, 2007 -- Two landslides on a road in the Indian Himalayas tested holistic health filmmaker Victor Demko's resolve to get an interview with Yoga Master Swami Sundaranand. Demko encountered this challenge while traveling from Rishikesh to Gangotri, the site of the historic head water of the Ganges River and longtime home of the 79`year`old Swami Sundaranand, one of the last hardcore Himalayan yogis.

Read More Email ThisPosted At: November 15, 2007

In Depth Exposure to Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health Practitioners Pays Off for Both Clients and Practitioners

Pickering, Canada, November 3, 2007 -- Holistic heath alternative medicine practitioners have a new tool to help their clients from The Center for Healing Arts: a new DVD series that gives in depth exposure to the great healing arts modalities and practitioners of the world. Guest practitioners are presented in an intimate and meditative way exclusively for member subscribers of the center.

Read More Email ThisPosted At: November 15, 2007

Need a New Idea for Getting Together with Holistic Friends?

Pickering, Ontario, Canada, October 29, 2007 -- As more and more people turn towards holistic health and wellness in their lives, they begin to re-examine the way they spend their leisure time. Activities they may have enjoyed with friends might, perhaps, no longer fit-in with their new lifestyle. Also, as a result of people moving within their communities in different ways, they meet new people similarly inclined -- that is, they make new friend who share their interests in deepening their lives. Indeed, this might be one of the most important elements as people move into more balanced living: the development of relationship and community around shared values and interests. People are increasingly looking for deeply satisfying ways to get together with friends in a holistic, meaningful and entertaining way.

Read More Email ThisPosted At: November 01, 2007

Why do Holistic Health Practitioners Want to Bring Other Holistic Health Practitioners Home?

Pickering, Canada October 22, 2007 -- Personal growth, self enquiry and optimal wellness are some of the main concerns holistic health alternative medicine practitioners address daily. Many holistic health practitioners go to as many trainings, retreats and meditations as their busy schedules and pocket books allow. They are acutely aware that there is a deep need for connection, wholeness and balance in our world today -- that many of us are looking for ways to bring wellness into lives of daily stresses and responsibilities.
Read More Email ThisPosted At: October 24, 2007

Inner Life and Outward Attitude Focus of New Healing Arts Web Site,, That Features Holistic Health, Natural Healing, Meditation, and Spirituality Information in DVD Series

Pickering, Canada, October 11, 2007 -- Today people are realizing more than ever that one's inner life and outward attitude are connected to one's health -- that our thoughts and attitudes play an important part in our over-all wellbeing. Increasingly, people are looking for alternatives to what mainstream medical models offer.

Read More Email ThisPosted At: October 12, 2007



Yoga’s “Swami-ji” Gives Blessing to First Virtual Holistic Health Alternative Medicine Center

Pickering, Canada, 6 Oct, 2007 -- The deep need for in-depth experiential holistic heath alternative medicine information by practitioners, the medical community and a population striving for optimal wellness prompted filmmaker and holistic health meditation practitioner Victor Demko to the Himalayas’ India/Tibet border area. Demko was able to obtain a rare one-on-one series of interviews with a reclusive yoga Swami who generously gave his blessing to what is now The Center for Healing Arts.

The vision for the Center is to bring great holistic health alternative medicine practitioners, on DVD, to people who either are pressed for time, live out side a major center, or just need a trusted person to carefully select the guests for them. Each DVD film is shot to present these guests in an intimate experiential manner, so that the viewer feels they are having personal`time`with the practitioner. The focus is on the esoteric, meditative side of healing.

Read More Email ThisPosted At: October 05, 2007



Filmmaker Brings Ancient Holistic Health and Alternative Medicine to a Modern Audience

Sept 23 , 2007
, Pickering, Canada,
-- Filmmaker Victor Demko has turned his own decade-long passion for the wisdom of the great teachers and healers into a new online community designed to bring that ancient wisdom of holistic health and alternative medicine to a modern audience living in a hectic world.

Demko, a former student of Robert Wise and Ron Howard at the American Film Institute, is the Founder and Director of The Center for Healing Arts.  In 2005, he was working on a film about Swami Sundaranand, a Himalayan yogi, ascetic and naturalist when he began to think seriously about the need to help others experience the wisdom of the great living teachers and healers.

Read More Email ThisPosted At: September 22, 2007


The Center for Healing Arts  Launches Exciting New Holistic Health & Alternative Medicine DVD Series

Sept 21, 2007,  PickeringCanada - Imagine having an experienced and trusted Master or Alternative Healer accept a personal invitation to visit your home. 

Imagine sitting with them as you learn the secrets of healing they’ve learned through years of study and practice. They confide in you, sharing the mindfulness and spirituality they bring to their healing work. 

Read More Email ThisPosted At: September 20, 2007 - New Holistic Health & Alternative Medicine Website Launches.

Sept 19, 2007: Professional Film Director, Producer, Interviewer and Healing Arts Enthusiast Victor Demko has announced the launch of a new Holistic Health website; The Center for Healing Arts (

The Center for Healing Arts is for anyone involved in the healing process—for practitioners, students, caregivers, and those having an interest in personal wellness. Subscribers receive six DVD’s a year, one every two months, that features a personalized, in-depth encounter with an adept practitioner of one of the healing arts.

Read More Email ThisPosted At: August 27, 2007

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