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Expand your consciousness ● Increase your healing knowledge ● Improve your practice...

Bringing exceptional healing arts practitioners to you is our passion.

Representing a wealth of diverse holistic healing traditions your guest teachers and practitioners are carefully selected for their experience, spiritual and heart qualities, and for the deep knowledge they will share with you.

The Center for Healing Arts offers you a series of in-depth sessions on DVD with master healers and spiritual teachers to support your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Each two-hour session is an intimate, one-on-one encounter with a remarkable being, filmed in his or her environment – with no studio glare or distractions to obstruct their healing wisdom.

Imagine how you would feel if you were to experience the following healing modalities and spiritual paths related to overall wellness.

Inner Yoga
Sufi Healing
Qi Gong
Traditional Native healing systems
Kabbalistic healing
Buddhist healing ways
Shamanistic Healing
Therapeutic touch
Chinese medicine
Lomi Lomi
and much more

Chances are, over time, your own inner healer would be awakened – imagine hearing your own inner guidance directing and supporting you to the path that is most in harmony with your being.  Exposure in this manner to a wide range of possibilities offers the solution you’ve been looking for.

Your session series gets you a new full-length DVD session with a renowned teacher and healer delivered to your home every two months.  Each session is suitable for both novice and master practitioner alike.  We believe in the highest common denominator approach which is much more productive.

As a bonus to your session registration you also gain access to our global online community of practitioners and seekers and a monthly newsletter “Holistic Healing Today” to keep you inspired and informed.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to affirm your well being.

Watch Free  Film Clips

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Clip 1 Balancing the Nervous System
Clip 2 ...Now is also Yoga
Clip 3 The inner excercise is the real Yoga
Clip 4 Your inner song
Clip 5 Breath and happiness
Clip 6 Yoga means...

Watch Free Sample Clips

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Clip 1 If you're a serious person and you're having a hard`time`with laughter 2:02
Clip 2 Offering a healing presence 2:45
Clip 3 A true healer can convey life 3:02
Clip 4 The healing work is about letting go 1:00
Clip 5 Then you are a participant in life 1:47
Clip 6 You might also want to ask yourself 2:15

Your March 28th ‘08 DVD session will be with Sandra Ingerman a very well respected Shamanic Healer.

Expert and Beginner Alike

If you are a master practitioner you will deeply enjoy seeing and experiencing what other master practitioners are offering.  If you are a beginner, benefit by the wide range of exposure and wellness benefits these unique one-on-one encounters offer.

Master practitioners - the DVDs are great for sharing with your clients who desire additional support between sessions.

The type of convenient and comprehensive wellness knowledge and support you have always wanted in now finally here.   Subscribe now!  

The Center for Healing Arts’ DVD sessions series provides you with a convenient, affordable way to gain holistic healing support from master practitioners. When you subscribe with The Center for Healing Arts for just $24 every two months you receive: Six learning sessions DVDs a year - one every two months

In Each DVD you will get…

Thoughtful Selection of guest practitioners, whom are chosen because they represent the best.
A feeling of intimacy—each DVD is shot to enhance the feeling of one-on-one personal time with the guest practitioner
Careful, in-depth exposure to practices and philosophies that may be new or less familiar
DVD chapter headings for instant reference and easy repeat viewing
A feeling of experiential learning—as if you sat in the living presence of the guest practitioners partaking of the deep sense of healing
The convenience of a learning format tailored to your lifestyle—available when and where you choose—delivered to your home!
A format ready to share with family and friends
A full - satisfaction guarantee.

As a bonus, your subscription gives you full access to your online community forum. Our monthly newsletter also keeps you informed about upcoming sessions and events in the holistic healing community.

Don’t miss out - Subscribe now!

Give the gift of greater consciousness and healing knowledge
In-depth sessions on DVD with master healers and spiritual teachers
 + access to our global online community + informative newsletter
Only $24 every two months
Click here to get a Center for the Healing Arts DVD series gift subscription now


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