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You are a healer, so your life is about connection. You connect with your clients to discover and address their needs. You connect with the energies and disciplines that are the source of healing. You connect with your own spirit, mind, and heart.

And you want to stay connected with healers and healing traditions from all over the planet. You want to keep learning and growing. You want to nurture your understanding and your gifts. You want inspiration. Somehow, though, you don’t have the time or money to visit the Himalayas, the New Zealand Rainforest, or even your local favorite this month.

The Center for Healing Arts connects you. Six times a year—every other month—you receive a DVD with personal instruction from healing arts practitioners such as  Swami Sundaranand on the healing of inner yoga.    Watch the DVD in your home or share it with colleagues at your own center. Connect to Devi Tide, Head of the N.A. Sufi Healing Order and her blessings. Laugh as we connect to the methodology of Laughter Yoga and laughter for healing with a prominent laughter facilitator. Connect with the traditions of Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine, Reiki, Native Healers, Meditative Healing practices, Kabbalistic Healing, Lomi Lomi, and all the well known and not so well known alternative healing arts modalities. Then visit The Center for Healing Arts forum to share insights, ask questions, connect with others in the healing community.


Whatever your tradition, you never stop seeking ways to enrich your practice and improve your skills. When you subscribe to The Center for Healing Arts, you open your mind and your heart to the most dedicated, most attuned, most skillful practitioners in the world. You invite them into your home and into your consciousness, attuning to their presence and healing arts modality

The Center for Healing Arts expands your horizons.You encounter your fellow teachers/healers when your busy schedule allows, knowing that they are waiting for you whenever you return. Modern technology allows you to see, hear and experience the wisdom of the world - as you choose.


You give deeply of yourself in your work and in your life.  To keep on giving, you need to be replenished. Providing a means to replenish is the mission of The Center for Healing Arts. It is a spiritual and metaphysical center, not a physical place. It reaches out to you, rather than you traveling to reach it

The Center for Healing Arts allows you to reaffirm your true center.  Innovative film making serves practitioners in the service of the most ancient, deeply intuitive human wisdom for the wellbeing of all.

Click here to subscribe now for only $24 every other month (with free shipping).

The DVDs are also a great resource to share with your friends and clients.    Sharing is a simple and easy way to:

  • to increase your prominence in the community.
  • increase the fruitfulness of interactive time with a broader healing arts knowledge and language.
  • to use as a rewarding community building interactive resource.

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